High Quality Lab Micro Pipette Tip Box

Product Feature

    Pipette tip holder for micropipette is made of high quality polypropylene (PP) material, high temperature. Buckle lock is easy to close the box and easy to single-hand operation of transparent box body and box lid, match the box frame of different colors, easy to distinguish different kinds of pipette tips. The advantages of it are durability, recyclability, refillable, stackable. The design and packaging of the recycling Pipette Tip and replacement tray of the disposable suction head facilitates the reuse of the pipette suction box to reduce the total amount of plastic and waste generation; Various configurations are available.

Size Specification Packing
5ml 28wells 40pcs/ctn
1000ul 60wells 50pcs/ctn
10ul,200ul 96wells 50pcs/ctn
1000ul wells 40pcs/ctn
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