Self Standing 5ml Freezing Tube Cryovial Cryotube

Self Standing 5ml Freezing Tube Cryovial Cryotube

Products introduction:

1. Made of High transparency PP material, adapted to micro centrifuge, widely used in molecular biology,clinical chemistry and Bio-chemistry research.
2. Available in various volume:0.2ml,0.3ml,0.5ml,1.5ml,2ml,5ml.
3. The cap can be one-hand open and closed,Easy to operate.
4.Chemical corrosion and low temperature resistance.
5.No release reagent,plasticizer and fungistat addes during production,free of heacy metal. 
6.Stable under high centrifuge speed,up to 15000rpm. It can guarantee staff safety and environment while testion toxic samples.
7.Adapted to wide range of temperature from -80 ºC to 120 ºC, no distortion.
8.Clear graduation on the wall for wasier observation.
9. Frosted area on the cap and tube for comenvent mark and identification.


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